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Cloud 9 Head Shop is your source for quality water pipes and accessories to meet any smoker’s preference.

From oil rig water pipes, to vaporizers, and even custom blown pieces. Cloud 9 Head Shop has you covered. Call (970) 422-8666 today!

Live Glass Blowing


Oil Rig Water Pipes

Live Glass Blowing | CLOUD 9 HEAD SHOP

Live glass blowing is regarded as one of the first forms of fine art. It was first developed around 300 BC in the Middle East. Today’s artists use the...

Vaporizers | CLOUD 9 HEAD SHOP

“Vaping,” or using a vaporizer, isn’t a new concept. It has been around for years. But its popularity has been on the upswing in the last few years...

Oil Rig Water Pipes | CLOUD 9 HEAD SHOP

As the popularity of concentrates continues to grow, so does our selection of quality oil rig water pipes to provide you with just the right rig to...

Come check out our award-winning glass blower and watch as a piece is custom made to your desires.


Top Quality

Cloud 9 Head Shop, serving the Durango, CO area, offers one of the most unique shopping experiences for all things smoke and smoke related. Much more than just a store, this head shop offers you a shopping experience.

You will notice that this shop is unique from the moment you walk in the door. Cloud 9 Head Shop is divided in to sections, with each section dedicated to a different way to smoke.

The friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to greet you and guide you through the ample selection of quality pieces and accessories in each area:

• Water Pipes—If water pipes are your preference this is the room for you. Cloud 9 Head Shop carries a wide variety of water pipes in a wide range of sizes and styles.

• Vaporizers—Due to the surge in popularity, you may think that the vape movement is new. In actuality, vaporizers and hookahs have been around for centuries. Whether you just want to try a vaporizer or you are a rabid fan, this is the place to be.

Cloud 9 Head Shop is the perfect place to go to if you need to buy a gift for the smoker in your life. You can purchase a beautiful handmade pipe or oil rig that will be appreciated for years to come. Stop in today!